We would like to provide you a quick update and let you know we are all healthy! During this time Griselda and Bonnie have been enjoying their time with their beautiful family. During our absence, all of our time and energy has been invested in the proper care of Griselda, Bonnie, and the puppies. Promoting has not been our main concern. However, we are back and ready to provide you with new content full of cuteness!

Puppy pictures will be uploaded soon on our website and social medial. For puppies sales and reservations, we will always give are priority to our subscribers then we will open the sales to the public.

Thank you very much for your patience!


  • Type of insemination: Artificial insemination
  • Date of insemination: March 8, 2020
  • Ultrasound date: April 7, 2020-Confirmed 4 to 5 fetuses
  • 2nd Ultrasound date: May 1, 2020-Confirmed 7 to 8 fetuses


Meet Bonnie


  • AKC Registrated
  • Tri Lilac Merle
  • Location: California
  • Character: BiPolar is a super friendly, and obident Mini English Bulldog. Bipolar apparience, soft fur, and friendly character will leave you speechless. On top of that, Bipolar was super friendly when he met Griselda and Bonnie.
Meet BiPolar

ABOUT @CasCrushKennels

We initially found out about BiPolar from @SikWitItBullz before transitioning to @CasCrushKennels ownership. Both parties have been professional and attentive to our questions and concerns.

On March 7, 2020, we drove overnight from Utah to California to meet BiPolar at Cas @CasCrushKennels facility located in California. During our drive, Cas messages us making sure we were safe on our long drive. Upon arriving Cas and BiPolar greeted us and welcomed us with open arms. In-person, BiPolar appearance and character exceeded our expectations. BiPolar is the most healthy, beautiful and friendly mini English Bulldog ever. Before proceeding with the breeding, we gave Bonnie and BiPolar a moment to connected and meet each other. We proceeded to do two Artificial Inciminations. During our waiting period between each Artificial Insemination, we took multiple promotional pictures and videos. Cas posted media helping us grow our visibility in the breeding community.

During our experience, we had the opportunity to meet Cas in his facility. Overall, we are impressed with Cas's ethics, passion, medical background knowledge and dedication to breeding quality healthy pumps, unlike many other breeders we have met. Additionally, Cas has been available to answer any of our questions, has followed up with us and shared his knowledge. We even turned to him for an opinion on our other dog Griselda's breeding and he was very quick to respond and even offered other solutions to help us. Let's note he was not profiting from this help. We will recommend him to any other breeder looking for quality services.

Meet CasCrushKennels


  • Type of insemination: Surgical insemination
  • Date of insemination: March 12, 2020
  • Ultrasound date: April 12, 2020-Confirmed 5 fetuses
  • 2nd Ultrasound date: May 6, 2020-Confirmed 9-10 fetuses


Meet Griselda


  • AKC Registrated
  • Tri tan lilac
  • Location: California
Meet Bellagio

ABOUT @Calibulldogs_by_paul

The breeding was taken care of the Bellagio’s breeder recommended veterinarian office. We decided to drive from Utah to California to avoid surgical insemination on Griselda. We care about our dogs, and fully dislike unnecessary anesthesia and medication induction. Unfortunately, Griselda’s progesterone levels drastic changed forcing us to proceed via surgical insemination. We met Bellagio, and we were impressed on his soft and defined wrinkles. As shown in the pictures, Griselda and Bellagio connected immediately and wanted to get into action while waiting at the lobby.